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Originally Posted by bugeye View Post
There's still a few that give them a microphone.
They would go away if they were ignored.
I always like and respected your stance

Bugeye Correct!

Letís hope the good guys come too their senses and jump aboard.
GBO is such a good and helpful place , itís a shame to see
the bologna brought on by the trolls.
Trolls are the real deal on web pages,
Never do they do any good for the general population. They're not just anti this or that
They are a special kind of hemorrhoid they are determined and dedicated to disrupt

Most new members come via one of the sport links, not the
entertainment headers, like Handguns, reloading, deer, hog hunting.
H&R,Cannon,Black Powder,Contender and all the rest. Most all pertaining to a
Weapon sport and the outdoors. Once they settle in they drift over to the entertainment threads.
99.99999% Of the trolls sign up with one purpose and only 1
That is to disrupt, yeah they may drift off to a sport thread but mainly here
to aggravate, They are dysfunctional in Society so they turn to the keyboard.
There are thousands of them. NEVER do they do a page any good.....NEVER!
Unfortunately some make it here.
As for arguments we have a good amount without the trolls
Flounder was a touch and go weirdo, probably back under an alias.
That nut case sometimes was a bit tolerable. He got carried away then
carried out (banned)

I hope GBO out lives me I also know these hemorrhoids wonít take it down
Theyíll just make it unpleasant for a while
If we all would continue to welcome the best and ignore the rest,
I think this place will stay as Bill made it too be.... Great

Heaven help them if GB buys back in ......... Poof they gone!!
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