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Just a clicky-baity deal.

BUT... I will say that I'm glad to see that it's all turnbolts and that they didn't try to stick in a single shot, a lever gun, and a semi-auto just to be PC. The reality is that turnbolts are where it's at for hunting, for sure. The most superior platform by far, for many reasons discussed before. Love my levers and semis and pumps, but you can't beat a bolt action for hunting.

And how do you define "top"? Where's Proof, Fierce, and Christensen? Those are fine fine rifles. So are Sakos, Coopers, Mausers (new production), Blaser, Steyr, Nosler, and so on.

I dunno about "top", but my favorites that I have are a T/C Icon, a Win 70 FW (FN made), Wby Mk V ULW, another Win 70, Rem Seven, Browning AB2, CZ 527, and CZ 550.

Currently reloading: .30-'06, .280 Rem, 6.5x55, .260 Rem, .35 Rem, .357 Max (subsonic handgun), .357 Max (supersonic handgun), .357 Mag (supersonic rifle), .243 Win, 5.56x45 (subsonic rifle), .45 Colt, 10mm, 9x19 (& .50 Cal ML)

Currently shooting but not reloading: .458 Win mag, .375 HH Mag, 5.56x45 (supersonic), .223 Rem, .17 HMR, .22 mag, .22lr, 12 ga, 20 ga, manual bows, vertical X-bows

Used to reload: 6.5-'06, .218 Bee, .45-70 Gov't, .270 Win, .22 Reed Express (& .45 Cal ML)

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