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so were suppose to believe a rifle sitting on a table just went off all on its own and just happened to aimed right at the guy who was killed? Ill call bs on this one. Then ill ask what the **** he was doing bringing a loaded gun into camp in the first place and standing or sitting with the barrel pointing at himself. 99 percent of the cases that are claimed against 700s are idiots that don't have enough sense to know to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot and to keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Ive shot the old 700s that are suppose to be guilty of this for over 40 years. Ive probably owned 30 of them through the years and have put many thousands of rounds down range through them and never once has a 700 gone off when my finger wasn't on the trigger. What this is is some stupid sob that practices poor gun handling and has his gun go off and gets embarrassed or shoots someone or family finds someone dead that shot himself and is looking for an excuse. Or want to turn there screw up into money by suiting Remington. Its why everything today has to have a warning label on it. Got to stamp right on the barrel to read your owners manual before shooting. The world is full of stupid people! excluding the very rare chance of a ricochet or blow up every person that's ever been killed with a firearm in the world has had to have a gun pointed at him. Cant fix stupid
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I have 2 rem 700 adl 30-06s relatively new guns both recalled by Rem for new safeties. I sold a local young man one of my motorcycles. I learned he was later killed by a model 700 that fired in his hunting cabin, the gun just went off.



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