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Originally Posted by TM7 View Post
Huh? 😕 of course I'm gentile. I am not jewish. Ray, maybe you should sit this one out _ _ its a big stretch for you...
Maybe go to Israel and hand out New Testaments and get back to us.



And here's what happened to your messianic jews - ->

Sanhedrin Bans All Messianic Jewish Marriages In Israel ...
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Sanhedrin Bans All Messianic Jewish Marriages In Israel September 5, 2017 by SkyWatch Editor A rabbinic court, or Sanhedrin, has ruled that a Jew who believes in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah is no longer considered a Jew for purposes of marriage in Israel.

Remember calling somebody a 'Christian' in Israel is a common derogatory put down in Israel.
As you have often said, Israel is basically a secular country today...and just like the USA has a fair number of believers, both Christians and Jews.

When I saw your link, and your statement that the Sanhedrin have outlawed marriages between Messianic Jews, it was no surprise..

Since the country is as you say, basically secular, the rulings of the Sanhedrin have little or no effect upon the government, per se.

Today there are enough Messianic Jews in Israel, that they have their own clergy and would likely prefer doing it that way.

I don't blame the Sanhedrin for such a move, if lovely couple of Buddhists wanted me to perform their marriage, I would likely, kindly refer them to the nearest Buddhist temple.

I don't know about any New Testament effrontery, but I have many friends who have travelled to Israel, both with groups and unescorted..and I have had no reports of friction with the locals, even though they carried their Bibles in the open.

.Doubt I would want to try that in Saudi Arabia, Yemen or Iran !


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