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Originally Posted by TM7 View Post

Correction....I have never said Israel is 'secular'. I have always called that country a Marxist Jewish Theocracy. The sanhedrin is the equivalent of Iranian mullahs.

From what I see, hear and read, the Knesset basically runs Israel..the Knesset is primarily Jewish, but includes Arab and Christian members. When was the last time you or I have ever heard news organizations say "The Sanhedrin decided today to cut off all trade with Croatia"...or any other governmental decision, for that matter. It is not the Sanhedrin who sends delegates to the US..or the UN.
On the other hand the Mullahs are very much in charge in places like was they who encouraged and allowed the taking of our embassy hostage...while Jimmy Carter stuttered.

Marxism happens to fit jewish theocracy very well indeed. That group of rabbinate basically run the place. Most Christians have been driven out of Israel.

Do not stand on a street corner in Israel proselytizing and handing out New Testaments _ _ that is if you don't want to end up missing. Sure..try that in Teheran, Medina, Damascus or "on the shores of Tripoli"...
You didn't use the term "secular", but I believe you claimed that most Jews in Israel were not practicing their faith.

The media and periodicals often pronounce Israel as a secular society.


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