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Well from one who has owned lots of Them I would say if you were to buy a Encore with rifle stock set and a set of pistol grip set and then maybe about 10 barrel some pistol some rifle in your favorite cal. might be ok but then after a while you get tired of going through the changing barrels then you start to pick up frames stock set next thing you know have a lot of money tied up in each gun and like you say you have more tied up in one than a good used bolt gun or auto. But then there is the bragging rights of being able to say I have x number of frames and stock sets and barrels So in the end what you may not have learned is this THEY ARE HABBIT FORMING hard to break the habit I did break it well almost I still have a G2 with a 7x30 waters rifle barrel and a 23 in vent rib 410 barrel any way I am doing ok as long as a member does not up and offer a barrel at great price did I mention I still have a 209x50 encore barrel now if some one would up and offer a encore frame and stock set at a great price see what I mean they are habit forming. But the H and R are also habit forming ask those who own a dozen or more


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