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Originally Posted by land_owner View Post
Originally Posted by Dee View Post
While I agree with everything said, I don't think they'll pay here and now. Ever!

I'm a little surprised that Trump has not had a "mishap" as vocal, and as "exposing of corruption" as he has been.

I suppose the Secret Service has a little more integrity than other government agencies.
While I agree in principal, I am not certain how the integrity of the Secret Service effects "muzzling" Mr. President or steering him from stepping on his own tongue. I believe President Trump, though crass at times so I enjoy that company (and many of you too if you are true about it), is certain in his opinions as formed from a lifetime of two political parties throughout his losing and winning business dealings. I believe the man has a way of bringing evil out into the open through his rhetoric.

I ain't real sure what that was all about, but to be more clear concerning Trump and his "security detail", i.e. the Secret Service has to date, done a good job protecting him when so many are after his head.
His penchant for exposing corruption is not popular in a certain areas of a long corrupt Congress, FBI, ect. But is dead on target with folks like myself, whom appreciate the effort. If there are any.😉

To The Politician: if your not right with God, your not right for this country.
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