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Originally Posted by Caliente View Post
Originally Posted by Dee View Post
🤣 you mean like loosing his law license?🤣

🤣or screwin around with an intern instead of workin?🤣

🤣or being impeached?🤣
All related to carnal indiscretion. You're right, Trump has met or exceeded the standard Clinton set
🤣You are a walking, talking, contradiction of yourself.🤣

Thru your own posts you paint a picture of yourself to me at least, as having rainbow dyed hair, huge shoes, and a bright red ball of a nose, claiming to be a boy, and a girl, and being neither, while tearing certain pages out of a Bible as if this will make it conform to your beliefs.

You ignore lawlessness in past liberal administrations, as in the Clinton years, yet compare them to Trump when their pointed out.

You claim Christianity, yet embrace heathenism and its behaviors, and you claim patriotism, while delighting in governmental failure, real, or imagined.

In my world at least, you cannot be taken seriously, as your attempted points, at "mostly imagined failures", and your inability to absorb the real, and obvious world around you.

In essence you post nuthin of any real value, and in my own opinion, are a waste of cyber oxygen, and best ignored.
So with the exception of today, and my own weakness to address foolishnes, in the future, I will.🤗

To The Politician: if your not right with God, your not right for this country.
Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty

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