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Originally Posted by GuzziJohn1 View Post
Many here have short memories.
I don't think you caught the tenor of the OP in this thread. The statement was "judgement day coming for the Democrats".

Although both are into name calling, the name calling by conservatives seems to be mostly in the social network area, the left seems to have made name calling and baseless charges an art form among their federal office holders (witness the Barr and Kavanaugh hearings).

..But even then, that is not what the OP implies, since 'judgement day' will not be here on earh.

Judgement day will be concerning certain PRACTiCES.

Found among the listed sins which fly in the face of God, will be the wholesale murder of children. How will they explain that to God, when they come face to face? Huh?

Then there is the approval of certain practices which God destroyed people and whole cities for practicing the "arts" of!

..And the approval and taxing of mind bending drugs and mushrooms..

Trying to place God's people under the yoke of slavish systems, such as socialism and communism.

Refusing to allow the teaching of abstinence, but encouraging promiscuity among teenagers by distribution of condoms.

It often seems if a new law promotes some kind of sin or perversion, one need not even wonder which side of the political spectrum the idea originated with.

Almost invariably, if it is sinful, degrading or comes from he left.

Of course, it is fortunate that on judgement day one's sins may be enumerated, but the blood washes them clean...

God judges on the cross...not the curve..

However if I were to claim Christ, ..and I had dedicated my life to supporting an organization that was always on the side of sin, I really saved?


"Politically correct" language, is really Orwellian 'newspeak'. (Michael Cutler)

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