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Originally Posted by The Old Man View Post
Pretty much here in Pa we have cry babies covering the state that dont seem to understand that a Saturday opener is a good thing for younger hunters that cant get off work to deer hunt.

These guys are at a disadvantage by having to wait for that first weekend, and while I am sure some manage to tag one, a great many more are plauged with the older deer becoming fully aware the season is on. The antler restrictions statewide make it even more difficult to harvest a legal animal.

The Junior hunters get to forego the restrictions, as do the disabled hunters with a shoot from vehicle permit, thank GOD for that, but the rest have spikes, three and four point deer parading by, unable to fill a tag because they are "protected" deer.

Obviously I agree with the Pa Saturday opener for the stated reason, and wish the antler restrictions would be eliminated.

Just my opinion, and thats like a nose, almost everyone has one.
I hated the antler restrictions the first few years, but we are definitely killing better bucks pretty regularly now. I find myself passing on bucks that would have been considered trophies before antler restrictions. Antlerless tags are pretty plentiful in most zones now, so a hunter can get meat if that's what he's after. I wouldn't have a problem with you old farts shooting scrub bucks if that's what you want.
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