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Originally Posted by neckisred View Post
I hated the antler restrictions the first few years, but we are definitely killing better bucks pretty regularly now. I find myself passing on bucks that would have been considered trophies before antler restrictions. Antlerless tags are pretty plentiful in most zones now, so a hunter can get meat if that's what he's after. I wouldn't have a problem with you old farts shooting scrub bucks if that's what you want.
Hey Neckisred! I kind of chuckled at the "old fart" comment. cant get angry when its true!

Fact is as you stated, doe tags are there, some guys, like you I guess, like horns. I dont have a problem with that, or the seniors being equal oppurtunity hunters either. Sounds like a good idea

Just for the FYI portion, this old man isnt bound by those pesky antler restrictions because he has a shoot from vehicle,(Pa calls it use a vehicle as a blind), but it doesnt mean I use it, or plan to use it for "scrub bucks" either. just saying.

Thought you might find it interesting that someone just might be glad for someone else...YES, have at it newbies on that Saturday opener.
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