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Just a little misunderstanding. A lot is lost in text. I'm a meat hunter. Always have been, always will be. I take as many doe as I legally can in PA and those tags are $26.75 each for a non resident landowner such as myself. Having the opportunity to take a few doe for meat, gives me the opportunity to pass on smaller legal bucks that hopefully make it another season. If someone else takes a smaller buck that I have passed on, good for them.

I am fortunate enough to hunt every day of rifle season and all of muzzleloader season, so I can be selective. I'm far from being a horn hunter, but who doesn't like taking a nice buck? Never been one to criticize anyone for taking whatever deer they choose to take. Seeing young hunters and old guys take a deer is far more of a thrill than taking any deer myself.

The Saturday opener just means I leave for camp a day earlier. I hunt the Ohio/PA border, so I get the Saturday opener in PA and the Monday opener in Ohio. Win win for me and hopefully lots of youngsters and working folks who don't get much time off.
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