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Originally Posted by Darkgael View Post
God speaking to Job.
You are trying to make a point. Much appreciated by me if you would state the point and your motive.

IG: about your reference to evolutionists: why is it that discussions such as these so often reduce to creationists and evolutionists?
I certainly did not mention either and had no intention of doing so.

I wasn't referencing you with that post, but doesn't the debate basically boil down to those to groups?

Creationists believe God created what he said he created, and that he did it as he said he did.

Evolutionists seem to believe that life as it exists upon earth, developed originally, from some kind of primordial soup.

Aren't the very terms "creationist" and "evolutionist" self explanatory?

Isn't that just about the way it breaks down?

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