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Originally Posted by rosewood View Post
I think some are looking at the "letter of the law" instead of the "spirit of the law". Maybe GB needs to chime in, but I imagine the rule was to keep from preaching on this forum. Mentioning God or your beliefs isn't exactly preaching. Explaining your position via religion isn't preaching.

Sure hope these "letter of the law" folks never become judges. Because when the laws are unreasonable, or do not make sense in certain case, you are going to jail anyway. No room for interpretation.

Many times the claim of being right, with the other side being wrong, can be the problem.
Which is what was just said.

Your opinion, does not mean the other side is wrong.
It means you have opposing views, and your having trouble with site, and forum rules you agreed to.

Politicians do it all the time when they say; I was for it. Before I was against it. Or, vise versa

I myself am a Christian, but God Himself, has no interest in man's politics.

But like it or not, He is thrown into the political fire as a crutch for those having trouble expressing themselves on an issue pertaining to a system, created by man.

To The Politician: if your not right with God, your not right for this country.
Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty
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