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Originally Posted by littlecanoe View Post
Orwell said that when we can’t say something with precision our thoughts aren’t precise. ...
Is this the reason that the line between politics and religion is constantly blurred?
Originally Posted by Dee View Post
Your "moral common sense" should serve you well enough.
Feel free to tell me if you believe that I'm wrong, but I think, as if anyone cares what I think, that:
if your faith dictates your moral compass,
and your moral compass dictates your belief, then
your response to a question about your belief will reflect your faith.

Some people may feel the need to respond to a question by quoting chapter and verse. Thereby introducing religion into a non-religion topic.

To avoid this and present a precise, and acceptable, response to a question, one could search the verse for its moral foundation/teaching point. This is the actual basis for your belief.

'course, I didn't say it would be easy...

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