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Perhaps you are right, maybe it is time for me to weigh in on the matter. Your idea of the "spirit of the law" rather than the "letter of the law" is really at the heart of the matter.

Yes it was my intention when I wrote that rule that religious discussion take place on the forums set up for that purpose. That is still my desire.

But realistically in the world we live in today you cannot completely and totally separate religion and politics. The two have become so deeply intertwined that many topics if discussed in depth require some discussion of both.

It is also true that I no longer own the site and so I confess I act a bit differently now that I am not the owner. So long as I chose to remain the administrator of the site in charge of actions and words between member, moderators and admin then I feel a fiduciary responsibility to the site owners to try to help them make the site profitable. When I owned it page views wasn't important to me cuz that wasn't how I got paid by advertisers.

But it is how VS gets paid so my fiduciary responsibility to them is to try to maximize page views within my limited ability to affect that. So yes from my perspective threads like this that go on and on and get loads of posts and page views is good and healthy for the site.

I'd rather see things go back to how they were when I set it up. That we talk about guns and hunting and shooting and other outdoor related issues. I know I don't start many of those conversations. I don't hunt anymore and don't shoot very much these days either so don't have much current involvement to talk about.

So by way of clarification of what I expect in relation to the rule of religion on that forum and politics on that forum here is my position.

I'm gonna name names, well name to be more exact. Goodshot is the name. What he does, which by the way, is to make every post about religion and nothing else is wrong. I have spoken to him of this before and asked him to tone it down. He did a little while then was back to his old ways. More specifically every single post he makes to this site no matter the subject of the thread is of a religious nature. Ask if you should buy a Remington or a Winchester and his response will be to tell you how to save your soul according to his beliefs.

So why haven't I put any end to it even if it means banning him? Well frankly cuz I'm a CHRISTian and am thus loath to curtain discussion of salvation. Still I do NOT agree with the way he and some others try to turn everything into a lesson on religion.

If we are discussing a topic that is one of those where separation is difficult then some crossover is expected and I don't disapprove of that. I do disapprove of trying to twist every topic into a discussion of religion on other than the forums established for that. Same for politics. Some just can't be discussed without addressing both topics.

I've been watching this thread closely and have read each post. I have stayed out of it for the most part and let the moderator here deal with it rather than interjecting myself into it which is how I handle all forums which have moderators for the most part. Richard has removed darn few posts and I agreed with his decision on those.

So bottom line is this:

The rules against personal attacks and name calling are more important to me than the rule of no religion on the political forum and vice versa. Would I prefer crossover between the two areas to be minimized? Yes for sure. And I guess it is past time I again step up and remove posts which try to turn every subject into a religious discussion.

Originally Posted by rosewood View Post
I think some are looking at the "letter of the law" instead of the "spirit of the law". Maybe GB needs to chime in, but I imagine the rule was to keep from preaching on this forum. Mentioning God or your beliefs isn't exactly preaching. Explaining your position via religion isn't preaching.

Sure hope these "letter of the law" folks never become judges. Because when the laws are unreasonable, or do not make sense in certain case, you are going to jail anyway. No room for interpretation.


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