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you know me. I can handle him just fine. What you said is right though. this was just a rant. A rant DESIGNED to stir the pot and nothing else. As to that bible knowledge competition forum he moderates, id rather sit down in a pit full of rattle snakes then post there. Like I said he doesn't bother me. I know the type. Cant match someone one on one? Stir the pot and let others fight for you and let they take the rap for stepping over the line. He will burn all his bridges just like he did a couple years ago. People will see through him for what he is. Hopefully this time he runs away for good! I just hope he doesn't ruin the credibility of to many good people before. To me he's more entertainment then a challenge
Originally Posted by land_owner View Post
Lloyd - I don't judge. I don't look over the pedigree of the posters here. I get to know them through their posts.

I don't care that Dee is a Mod on the Religion Forum. If he is, I didn't know that. I don't post or read there. That Forum isn't important to me. If it is to you and Dee - have at it.

Dee has made a point here in this Forum. He posted an opinion that started this thread. Every Member, Guest, and Moderator does the same thing in every thread and response post. He's getting a rant off his chest - so to speak.

Roll with it...and I ask those on this thread to periodically go to the OP and see what it is we're talking about to get back OT.

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