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Originally Posted by nw_hunter View Post
How compact, and what kind of backcountry ?

Starting the fire is usually the problem. Once you have it going let the fire do your processing.Why waste a lot of time and energy sawing and chopping.If your close to your vehicle use a chainsaw! For survival, a good strong bladed knife will do the job.Why weight yourself down.

Iím based out of the backcountry in Ontario, no vehicle close by, mostly out of my canoe, I have several options available depending on the needs of the trip, I primarily use my Silky Saw and knife but will often bring a small hatchet or tomahawk if it isnít a portage heavy trip.

In many cases a knife alone is insufficient, often forcing you into using small stuff, a solid axe or saw allows for the harvesting of much larger pieces wood.

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