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Default Need to mod an AR mag for 1.7" cartridge

Created a wildcat called 223 Short/22 Mamba - based on 1.135" 223 case with maximum cartridge length of 1.70". Just had an AR chambered. Standard AR 10 round magazine will feed 5 or less cases without issue. If more than 5, one will inevitably be tilted up and fail to feed and get jammed by the bolt. Two magazines, one with new stiff spring and older one with significantly less spring tension does the same thing.

The only solutions I can imagine is a much lighter spring so tilting is not exacerbated by spring tension, or in some way, extend feed lips 3/8 to 1/2" to prevent the tilting.

My realm of experience is in the bolt world, the ARs are new to me, even though there are issues with bolt magazines that are not 221 Fireball size.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, especially, experience trying to feed 22 TCMs in a standard AR would be directly related. Otherwise, do I just get out the hacksaw, metal cutters, files and polymer glues and experiment?

Thanks so much.
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