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Default What a bone head thing to do!

A friend of mine bought a clean as a pin older pre cross bolt safety JM 1894 Marlin in 44 mag. He bought it because I advised him that it would be a great woods gun for Iowa whitetails. It already had a scope mounted and since my friend is younger and has great vision he didn't want a scope mounted. I told him to bring it over and I would remove the scope and reinstall the rear sight for him. The screws would not budge.....even with enough heat applied to free up Loc-tite products. Then I got looking real close around the screws and the bottoms of the base and it looked as though something had oozed out around the screws and the base and then been wiped off.

I had my friend call the original owner and ask him about it. The original owner wanted it rock solid so he JB Welded everything in place and applied the same to the threads as one would Loc-tite. He sanded the bottom of the base and the top of the receiver so that it would adhere better.....and it did.

This would have been a nice fact to relinquish prior to money changing hands! However the guy said it was a done deal and we were stuck with it.

I spent most of the evening getting that base off of that gun. I used my peanut burner torch to get the screws hot enough to soften the JB Weld so that they would turn out of the threads. Then I hung the gun from my garage rafters by a couple of straps. One on the barrel and one on the tang at the wrist. It was hanging with the top of the rifle down. I had an old ring clamped to the front most slot in the base and 50lb weight hanging from that ring. I started in with my torch heating just the aluminum base and not letting the flame flow over onto the gun. Slowly but surely the JB started letting go. The combination of the heat and the weight were pealing that base off like a banana peal. By heating the aluminum base it was causing the JB to release from the base but was still all over the top of the receiver. The removed base looks like a corn curl.Tonight I will take the gun to my buddies house and use his top mill to clean off the rest of the JB Weld and then will polish the top of the receiver and reblue it. I will use a bottom tap and clean up the thread holes and put plugs in them.

The moral of the's ok to kick anyone in the nuts that uses JB Weld on bases and threads!
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