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Default K Hornet bullet seating trouble and solution maybe

I've been having trouble with cases and bullet seating. I resize the cases with a Lee collet neck sizing die. As the die came from the factory there was not enough neck tension on a loaded round and just handling the loaded rounds, bullets would push down into the case. I reduced the diameter of the mandrel in the die to increase neck tension. The problem I had then was when trying to seat a bullet many of the cases would collapse at the shoulder rather than accept the bullet.

So I got a new mandrel from Lee. Next I tried annealing cases. The result was similar to the collapsing shoulder...many of the cases will buckle and bend right at the shoulder resulting in so much run out the rounds won't chamber.

My current solution-please don't laugh- is using the factory size mandrel, un-annealed cases and applying super glue inside the case neck before bullet seating. It works well but it's difficult and time consuming. I've been thinking that if the case (and the neck especially) could be supported as if in the chamber while the bullet was seated the problems could be solved. A little research reveals something called a chamber-type seating die does just that. Also revealed is the fact that nobody makes one for the K-Hornet.

I have found that there are Wilson chamber type seating die blanks available for about 43 bucks. This would actually be cheaper for me than making one from scratch, not to mention less work.

I also need to re barrel this rifle. I think I'm going to get my barrel blank and get it all turned and fitted, get my die blank, and when all is ready rent the reamer and do the barrel and the die together.

I'm also thinking if anyone here wants a custom chamber type seating die chambered in 22 K-Hornet with the Graybeard reamer, if they want to cover the cost of the die blank and the shipping costs involved, I'd be happy to do the work because many folks here have done similar nice things for me in the past.

These dies are not intended to work in a conventional reloading press. They're used in an arbor press or I suppose you could use a mall plastic mallet. I won't be finishing the outside of the dies, no knurling or polish or anything like that. The outside will remain just as it comes from Wilson.

If anyone's interested let me know. I'm not sure how soon all this will happen.
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