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The Lyman M Die is worth its weight to solve these issues a d a REQUIREMENT for cast. As too tight a next and a soft bullet can actually be resized BY the action of seating the bullet. Resulting in inaccuracy and leading.

The K Hornet case is far more durable. I havent had this issue but my first thought was too soft brass and annealing would only serve to exacerbate that issue.

I really think your on to the problem and feel the issue is the die itself. I use a Redding set in my K and have had zero issues. I have the die set to partially size. Cannot call it true neck sizing but its close. My K is a re chambered Handi.

Being the K has a few variances depending on whos reamer you use different cases really need to be fire formed from your rifle.

But If you would like, I can send you some of my own K cases and see what that gets you.


EDIT; Super gluing bullets in to establish neck tension, I do not feel is your best idea...

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