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Gun Cabinet

I got the leveling screw platform finished.
The screw is 1.5" Acme thread. It screws into a nut welded to the underside of the leveling screw plate.

I am working on the leveling screw handles next.

The floating platform will raise or lower. The position it is in right now will have the muzzle of the barrel slightly elevated.

The breech of the barrel is 15.625" diameter. It will sit on top of the platform.

Because this is a "below center trunnion" barrel, it will sit high on the carriage.
I have always found this problematic when making a carriage be it a field carriage or a naval carriage.
The barrel just sits too high.

I will take the carriage apart tomorrow and start the sanding process which will probably take two days.
I will also be able to drill the axle to accept the rear capsquare hook bolts.

The Acme thread will be cut to final length when the carriage goes back together after paint.
Wheels should ship on Wednesday I hope.


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