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257 wby, does this qualify as small?

Finally broke free, swam the swamp turned pond, and lit a fire in the Weatherby Vanguard II.

Took a bit to get my brain working, clutch wouldnt engage. Crosshairs up, bullet up, whatever lets turn the dial. Wind blowing the target face off, 3 100 yard hikes without a shot fired. 10 rounds later shes printing 1 high and on center ( 12-15 mph wind not withstanding).

Now to the interesting part. As I sit staring at the dials working the clutch lever I notice what appears to be a dog walking across the front of the bench area. Its just at the edge of my vision. The thought crosses my mind that this is a very poor place for a dog to be wandering. I focus on this, and find a whitetail fawn 4 from my muzzle, wandering along big as you please. Not to be bashful the little guy meets me on the walking lane back from the target at about 25.

Now back to the range report. The rifle is a Back Country model. Pretty much a top of the line Vanguard II , Bell& Carlson stock, fluted barrel, Ceracoat, you get the idea. Trigger is lighter than Im used to, genuine surprise when she breaks. Bolt travels pretty well, Tikka has spoiled me there though, hope to get it loosened up somewhat.

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