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Originally Posted by zulu View Post
This thing will move about 15' once I have the barrel mounted.
It is likely to stay in the same position for a really, really long time.
It is for display only and will not be going into battle.
I thought in a couple years it was destined to be moved indoors. Sitting outside, not climate controlled will show up when they move it. The first thing they will need to do before moving it will be to regrease the axles and bushings. I also hope they keep a close eye on the paint. Sitting outdoors in the elements for a couple years will not be kind to your beautiful creation-especially Texas sun.

I was just about to convince Lady Jane, you needed my supervision in San Antonio, when she broke her fibula. She is not in a mode to discuss traveling right now. Maybe this is for your good. . I am still weight restricted from my surgery, so I can't lift anything, just boss.
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