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Originally Posted by double d View Post
I just returned from a week's cruise with my granddaughters. One stop was in Key west. While walking around the hundreds of tourist shops looking at variations Key West t-shirts with three females, I spotted Mel Fisher's museum. I gave each of the Granddaughters some money and told them to find a souvenir for their mom and dad while shopping with grandma. I said while they shopped I would look at this museum of cannons and stuff. I got an okay.

I took a lot of pictures.

The pictures fall into three class of interest here; cannon, details of cannon with insertable breeches, and projectiles.

I'll add a post over the next couple of days with pictures from each category.

I like to to do metal detecting, but I am not a treasure hunter. I have no giant urge to find gold. But it would be nice. Seeing this treasure was impressive. If I found something like this, I could get excited. You can buy pieces from the treasure. I saw this little emerald ring from the treasure for sale in the gift shop. Sent a picture of it to Lady Jane and asked she would like it for Christmas.

She said no. She wants a robot vacuum cleaner. I married good!

Can you imagine finding that ring on the ocean floor? What an incredible piece of history!
Not sure it's worth almost half a million dollars though.


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