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Originally Posted by mannyrock View Post
Dear Guys,

I know that the Nylon 66 was the all time classic. Unfortunately, I am highly allergic to rifles that feed through tubes in the buttstock. (I break out in hives!)

What is the story on the Nylon 10C? I like detachable magazines. Was this rifle reliable? Can you find spare mags that actually work? Any big problems with it?

Thanks for all comments.


My 10c is a really nice shooter.
Took me awhile to figger out how to get the mags to be realiable..
Glued a short piece of clothes hangar wire on the magazine shelf . So it would snap and lock in the weapon correctly.
Now it shoots excellent.all the time.
It's a five shot magazine.
Have a ten rounder that's working good too.
It's a very simple rifle.
Very accurate and absolutely totally fun to shoot.
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