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Originally Posted by Sensai View Post
Spring season starts, here in Virginia, on the fourth of June. I love squirrel hunting, but I just can't get excited about it in warm (hot) weather. To me, squirrel season rightly starts after the first frost. Guess I'll just have to thin the coyote and groundhog population during the summer.
I'm with you. Our early squirrel season starts on 9/1, but it is usually too hot, and the trees are still fully leafed out. I prefer mid Oct. here in New England. I love squirrel hunting with my Flint lock .32 caliber Carolina Squirrel rifle. I may not get as many squirrels as I would using a .22 rimfire, but I sure do enjoy my times in the woods with this gun, and if a get a few squirrels so much the better.
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