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Today I take a two-hour, 110 mile, one-way ride to pick up seed from W. Florida (Hancock Seed Co. in Dade City). Why nothing closer? Today's Florida has become very select at "growing tourists", getting them to quickly "germinate" in this State, plucking them of their "flowering" tourists dollars, then packaging and sending them home again.

We've lost a lot of our former farming mentality along with its supporting infrastructure. What used to be 100's of thousands of acres of active Orange groves along the Indian River in E. Central FL, in need of cyclical lime, annual fertilizer, constant care, and personal attention, has de-evolved by disease, infestation, and tree deaths into gated housing communities, strip malls, gas stations, Big Box Stores, secondary, arterial, frontage, and Interstate roadways, and traffic congestion. The "Snowbirds" come from the North and STAY.

Places where we used to go for local seed are no more, or the selection inadequate or incomplete, or is just too expensive for wildlife food plots. For some items even the distant seed supplier is over priced.

Big Box Stores and Amazon dot com have supplanted a few of the specialized local seed suppliers with Free Shipping and to-your-door delivery. I was amazed at the number of supplier/folks on-line that are selling a measly "200 seeds" of the variety you are looking for rather than 50# bags. If you ran with their numbers to its equivalent in 50#'s it equates to 20 TIMES their worth, or MORE! Ama-za-zing indeed!
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