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Your experience with a 1 acre food plot is my experience with 3.5 acres of food plots. In the week prior to the opening of Modern Gun Season for Deer, they ate EVERYTHING (they like) to the dirt line (mostly iron and clay peas those years). I have sat on stand and watched doe with yearlings, two weeks before Doe Season started which were then illegal to shoot, stand their ground against other doe with yearlings in the same 1.25 acre plot as they all munched green shoots to the dirt line - right in front of me! They KNOW the calendar and when they can't be taken. However, where the does are, so too will be the bucks. Thereafter I used Throw and Grow as an overseed to keep them coming back...which worked.


Yesterday, I purchased 100#'s of WGF Sorghum, 100#'s of Soy Beans, inoculant for the beans, and 100#'s of Rye Grain seed, all for just under $210.00 (a reasonable cost in my book) to go with a handful of wheat seed from another State left over from an earlier planting two years ago. We shall see if the wheat germinates. I am pretty certain that some of it will.


I appreciate the consideration gpa. No need to look for me. The shipping (I believe) would eat my lunch even if the cost of the seed from the Midwest undercut the "local" supplier. Shipping across this State was just above $100.00. I asked about their shipping "price break" for seed orders over 250#'s. Their next "bracket" starts at 350#'s (for $150.00) - so I was out of luck in that.


I elected to drive 2 hours one way on familiar roads to pick the seed up and save maybe $75.00 in total - the cost of the sorghum (+/-). Plus, the early morning drive through that part of the State (truly a part of God's Country) is refreshing and makes my heart smile. On the dawn breaking, dew covered, narrow, rolling hill country roads, backdropped by meadows and forest edges, I "talked" to the fence sitting crows along the way. They KNOW stuff, but they don't say too much about it. They will look at you though in a "knowing" sort of way and they are real-real good at listening.

Is this Heaven? No, it's FLORIDA!

I don't know how many seasons I have left, but this one is shaping up well. I am having fun in its planning and execution. The tractor is running well. The bush hog too. The disk is soon to be repaired. Got to do maintenance on the Golf Cart. It is giving me fits. I use it to spread a layer of dirt over the fresh seed. It has started to stagger in its running and won't go up the slightest incline or through the undulations in the fields.

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