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Default 357 Max confusion

I am trying to get a load to hunt deer with for my 357 Maximum Handi Rifle. This is a factory 357 barrel and receiver that has always shot 357 Mag good. Shooting 180 XTP over 27 gr of 1680 after reading all the great posts about that load. I have holes touching at 50 yards and thought I had the right combination but at 100 yards my group opens up to 4"-5". I took the scope off and cleaned and re-torqued everything and still the same results. I am not confident enough to use this gun hunting. Any thoughts of what might be happening, does the gun just not like the 180 XTPs or do you think something else is wrong? Have some 357 Mag 180 gr Buffalo Bore I will shoot and see how that does for hunting. Very disappointed, may sell the 357 and buy a 350 Legend.
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