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I think at this point, Portland has become a laughing stock for the rest of the country for what they'll allow in their town. It's really starting to cost them business conventions and other large events, and I think a message had to be sent that the pendulum has swung so far one way that someone had to be made an example.
I really would find it equally wrong if liberals were routinely beat up and the attackers smugly went before the media saying they felt right about their actions. Neither side has the right to do that.
Someone earlier mentioned the Germans, which I expected. But if we learned anything from that time, once you declare the 'other' side of something as people who are without merit or regard, then you breed a mindset of "well, they're nothing, so whatever I do to them to support my personal take on things is okay and just!" Once you dismiss your opponent as unworthy of the considerations any person deserves, that's when things will get ugly. Fast.

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