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Originally Posted by Lt. Dave View Post
I haven't had good results with AA1680. It seems a little slower and lower pressure than H110/W296, Lilgun and MP300. These seem about the right level of burn rate to get the powder to build enough pressure to expand the case and seal off the chamber from the combustion gasses. With 1680 I found the cases and chamber to be covered in soot. With the other powders not much if any soot. This tells me the 1680 is a little slow for this cartridge. Anyone else see this?
This is a Ford vs Chevy debate. I used Lil Gun before and it done well. Pete turned me on to this with his Michigan recipe and i was pleased. I'm experimenting with 1680 with recommendations of some old max heads here. I have always heard H110 as a good powder too. Of course Dave you even have me thinking about the MP300 which has always been good for you. As a new hand loader it's a big confusion for me. Which powder which crimp which bullet. I have 3 maxis now and all different configurations a factory maxi, a reamed 158 Topper Maxi and a reamed late model maxi. 3 different barrel lengths. 19 3/4, 21 and 22 in respectively. I really don't feel all 3 will like same blend

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