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We need more info about the load. If the rifle never opened upon firing before this was a one-off based on something other than barrel to latch fitment. I suspect you were working with subsonics where the first rule is to start high and work your way down. That's the reverse of what we've been taught with supersonic loading and where some may experience problems. You say twice that you were working a load down so maybe you started too low.

DON'T PART WITH IT! You need to find out what has happened and determine if it's still safe to shoot. I recommend sending it to an authorized service center or test firing it several times with a 50ft string until you feel confident you have solved the problem and test firing shows it's safe to fire. Then and only them would I recommend sending Stew a PM asking $450 for the rifle. He knows they're rare and worth alot more than what they sold for in the past.

Do you reside in South Dakota?

Thanks, Dinny

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