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Originally Posted by Bob Riebe View Post
For cooking oil/grease if I use oil I try to keep a jug of sunflower or peanut oil around but also have found cotton seed and grape seed are very nice.
Most often though, even deep frying, I save old cooking grease from chickens, bacon, ducks, beef, pork in a container by the range plus I have three containers in the fridge.
With my screwed up taste buds it now makes little difference really but before that happened , for home made French Fries, type of oil used made a real difference.

Peanut and sunflower oil are both mono-unsaturated fats and healthier options like olive and rape seed oils but they're not as easy to find around here.

If heath wasn't a concern, I'd cook a lot of foods in bacon grease. It tastes great but is bad for the heart...

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