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Yeah, QDM folks have not been especially helpful with the CWD business.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans can occur spontaneously, can be inherited or be transmitted by contact with infected tissue. Neighbor lady died from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease several years ago. A slow, sad demise. No idea of how she contracted the disease and they really didn't know what the affliction was until autopsy. So perhaps some CWD is spontaneous, or migrated from another species of animal.

Persistence of CWD in the environment was first observed when Colorado Mule Deer penned in research enclosures which had many years...held deer which succumbed to CWD. A year or so ago DNR interviewed an Okemos friend who had an out of state deer tag. Apparently the Okemos area outbreak was thought to be started by land disposal of an infected carcass from out of state, and anyone in the area who had a history of hunting out of state was interviewed. Apparently CWD prions can be transmitted by direct/indirect contact, from soil, from plant material.

and it seems that CWD prions remain infectious in coyote feces:
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