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Default Got my first Contender in 1968

Bought a 45/410 barrel on a frame and fell in love with it. I shortly added 22LR and then 221 Fireball barrels. A few years went by and then added a Super 14 barrel in 35 Remington. That became my deer hunting barrel for some years. For a long time that was the only Contender that I had and only the four barrels. I actually got severely injured on a job and had to give up construction. I went to college and became a teacher in a small community college. After putting in 20 plus years at the college I retired. I have now gotten several more Contender frames and a bunch of barrels in both pistol and rifle length. I admit that I am an addict for them. Help; my name is Murl and I am a Contender addict. I just could not help myself, I have now gotten my grandson hooked on T/Cs. Oh by the way I still own the original Contender that I got in 68. But I sold the original 35 Rem. barrel. I have replaced the 35 barrel though.

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