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I had a few brutal gout attacks while doing the low carb high protein Atkin's diet. Uric acid needle shaped crystals can precipitate in joints as a by-product of nitrogenous food digestion; which would be proteins and food additives..

My advice is to learn how to use colcichine (Colcrys) to breakup an acute attack in a half hour. Indomethicin helps but the attack can drag on for days. Colcichine is a plant hormone that goes back to Egyptian time and can dissolve uric acid rapidly if you know how to use it.

But doctors like to prescribe Indomethicin, and get you on Allipurinol for life. Try to avoid that if possible.

Additionally, hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE and flush. Watch intake of nitogenous foods . Moderate alcohol intake which can aggravate uric acid crystal precipitation. Mega dose of Vit C can help solubilize uric acid, too. Best bet imo is to keep colcichine on hand and alert first sharp twinge in any joints.

Gouty arthritis can be very serious, actually horribly terminal in the old days.
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