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Only anti hunting laws here are in and around citys, towns and villages limits.

Most farmers will allow coyote hunting to people who politely ask.

We have a list for when we ask and gain a YES.
We show the farmer a picture of all 9 people in our group who may show up to hunt there.

Where to park where we will be out of the farmers way> We feel most important guestion.

Ask about a tour of property lines, many farmers will give us a tour with their gator, we never stray over property lines with out permission.

Before we start hunting a property we scout areas to set up for 30 minutes and taking different wind directions in mind.
Like to do a google earth search also.

Shut all gates we find shut.
Leave no trash behind. even coyotes we have shot with non sale able fur unless the farmer says we can dump them in a fence line or swamp.


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