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So does this mean we are going to have to drag some minority dude along with us to keep it all fair? Good he can carry the heavy crap and lead the way. Hey, fair is fair...they have done beat me down so bad that I now feel like the minority. Boob-a-boobla can step up to the plate and carry my burden for a while........

I was never, ever a racist but have grown to dislike anyone that thinks that whatever I have is theirs, thinks that whatever I can do that they can't do is unfair on my part. Skin color has nothing to do with it but those with traits of lazy, inept, dependant, demanding have everything to do with my dislikes and they can all kiss my arsendorfer. That includes a bunch of my own flesh and blood a couple of generations removed. Can I be racist to those who are as lily white as I and of the same lineage? You betcha! At least in accordance with the modern day definition of racism. The only thing any of them know how to do is work the system. They can't even walk around the block without getting lost......I'd sure love to take one of them hiking in the big woods. The second that I got out of sight they'd sit down and bitsch at a tree about how unfair their plight was. Now the danged tree is a racist cuz it doesn't much care either! Even nature can't win!

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