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my biggest nemesis back in the 70s street racing my 70 ss454 Chevelle was an airman from the air force base and his hemi road runner. We both should have held on to them because we could swap them today for two new decked out pickups. Ive been a chev man since 75 until I bought this ram but truth be told I started out a mopar guy. My first car was a 69 gtx 440 and my first new car was a 73 340 duster that I traded at 2 years old even up for that ls6 Chevelle. That car is what made me a chev man. Were they reliable and would they go 200k? Not a chance but what was or would back then. Wish I had them back today with all there idiosyncrasy's!
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I am on my 2nd Ram. My first one was perfect for 78k miles until I got hit by an idiot. My new to me 17 is just fine so far at 39k. Both V6/8 speed trans. First was a regular cab, new one is a Quad cab. I have had a bunch of Mopar products, including a 69 Hemi Roadrunner and they are about as good as any other vehicle out there. Ford products are the only ones that have stranded me.

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