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From what I gather, he is officially impeached..which means he has been convicted by the house. However, that doesn't mean he is automatically removed from office.

Now, theoretically, the 'trial" is over..and should not continue..the house has shot it's wad, and there should be no more "witnesses" or testimonies.

Normally, the senate is expected to be the "adults in the room", and their job is simply to review what the house did, and either approve or disapprove, so far

as removal from office is concerned.

..But this particular proceeding the house so %*^+$ed up, the senate is tempted to allow more testimony, just so the defense..which was prohibited by

the house, from actually defending itself..can get a few words in. The house wants to continue the "trial" in the senate setting, simply because they know they

&^+*#$ed up in a royal manner, so they would like a redux, hoping for a "magic bullet" to appear from somewhere.

In some ways, the senate would like to just review the stuff the house delivered to them, which was worthless..and then toss the whole thing out,

which they legally can do.. However the house would cry bloody murder, so the senate must consider the Low Information Voter !


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