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Originally Posted by beowulf_grendel View Post
Definitely post more pictures. That's an unusual carriage design, at least it is to me. Is the barrel rifled? At 2.5", that would be roughly a 2 pounder, if smooth bore. Rifled would be bigger of course.

Any markings on the barrel or trunnions?
So far no. Just got it this morning and have not spent much time with it except to pb blaster on the nuts. Lots of rust. There are some square nuts and some hex. The axle I did get some info from the print on it and I am pretty sure post civil war. Because of the hex nuts I am thinking a replica, but, I know there were machined threads in 1800s.
The bore is in bad shape with rust, and I doubt there is rifling and if there ever was it is gone now. Some type of epoxy or something over the touch hole.
Having a hard time posting pics on this site, but, will take another run at it.
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