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They're doing the same thing everywhere in every major state: Loading up the cities with "immigrants", "refugees" etc., and using their power to dominate the state. I believe the next civil war will be drawn on those battle lines. The question will be whether many large cities are physically sustainable in chaotic, disruptive conditions of massive civil turmoil.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are very fragile, both relying on water from the outside and both having severe problems with sewage, waste management and control of urine and feces on the sidewalks and streets. These are recipes for plagues, epidemics and civil breakdown. Already seeing it in Los Angeles where I am.

In Los Angeles, sewage treatment is failing. Dangerously high bacteria levels in the ocean at local beaches is now the new normal. They're trying to keep the lid on it but news stories have leaked out.

Untreated sewage=epidemics.

During the 1992 Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles when black/hispanic looters and shooters controlled many areas of the city, truckers refused to go into those areas and grocery stores located there didn't get reprovisioned. Likewise gasoline stations ran dry as well. Fire trucks stayed back from some areas where they were being shot at by "people of color."

When you have riots, disturbance and chaos and truckers and the Fire department won't go into dangerous areas, the people there will starve. What happens when electric power goes out because of downed power lines and utility crews refuse to go into urban battle areas to restore service? Modern urban civilization is very fragile. This is why liberals are working to disarm rural and suburbanites. When the cities burn and starve, the balance of power will shift to the suburbs and rural areas which are mostly WHITE.
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