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Neckisred isn't kidding! I had one that looked just like yours and my only words of wisdom to you are %>}*#@:! ouch! My son's words of wisdom concerning the same gun would be %>}*#@:! ouch! He was an all state football player at the time, I weighed an even 200 lbs and we could both bench press 300 lbs and it was till ouch!

I have seen several of those at Iowa gun shows and they all appear to be new in the box guns. There just might be a reason for that. I'll betcha that nobody ever wears one out!

However from my boxing days and from shooting lots of guns I have learned that the muscled up guy often can not take more recoil than a skinnier guy. Just like a boxer with a very thick stiff neck is much easier to knock out than the rubber necked guy who'd head just bounce off of his shoulder and right back up like a bobbing head doll. Recoil works the same. If you can roll with the punches you may be ok.

Good luck, I hope you kill the biggest Tom in the woods!
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