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Default Range report: .35 Remington 760

Picked up this Remington 760 .35 Remington at a local show in 2017. Gun is an honest 75%+ condition, but by no means collector quality. Being a first year production gun it was not drilled and tapped for a scope. I paid less than half of what I'd seen these .35's selling for, but with open sights it was pretty much just a lookin at gun for me. So I put it away with all my other lookin at guns and moved on.

Fast forward 2+ years, I just couldnt take it anymore. Given the condition, I convinced myself that drilling and tapping wouldnt hurt the value all that much. I bought the gun right and REALLY wanted to shoot it. So out to the shop we went and a couple hours later, it was wearing a short Redfield Jr mount and an older Leupold 3-9. Replaced the trigger spring and the next day I dug out my .35 loading stuff and got after it.

Mondays trip to the range was pretty much a failure. I can only shoot 50 yards (long story) and the old Leupold scope wasnt clear at that distance, but I shot all the ammo I had loaded and drove home pissed and disappointed. Back to the drawing board.

Swapped out the old Leupold for a Sightron Sll that I knew was crystal clear at 50 yards. Loaded up 26 more rounds and hit the range yesterday. 3 shots at 50 yards with a mid range load of H4895 and 180 grain Hornady SSPB #3505. I know 50 yard targets are nothing to brag about, but when they shoot this well at 50 yards, I'm fairly confident it will shoot well at 100 yards.
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