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Good start for Nate.

We've gotten 10,000+ photos over two decades of Trail Camera use. Aside from the "typical" wildlife pictures of deer and NASCAR hogs at the pig pipe (left turn, left turn, left turn), the cameras have taken pictures of the unusual from steer, Shetland pony, ATV's (chasing the steer), owl, squirrel up close and personal, coyote (rare here), bear (less rare now), and a truly-rare naked Wood Nymph in bare feet that I have looked for since 2003. You never know what is going to turn up. One of the cameras got stolen in 2003 when the Perp(s) hacksawed off the hardened steel lock holding the Security Box closed. Stupid kids - could have ruined the box by cutting through the weak link of the mild steel bar through which the locked was closed.

Good luck.
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