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Originally Posted by M134 Troll View Post
What Spruce said!^^^^^^

I started out with an Ithaca M37 12 gauge with a 28" Mod barrel.....didn't know any better, it was my first new shotgun. That long barrel was replaced with a 20" cylinder bore slug barrel which 1) let me hit birds and 2) did not make birdburger out of the close range hits.

After I had worked for a couple of years I celebrated return to school with an Ithaca SKB 100 M & IC like Spruce's but in 12 gauge. I still have it. My buddies carried SKB 500 20 gauge o/u with open chokes. One had both barrels reamed cylinger.....hard chrome lining ruined the "smiths reamer.

I'm just the opposite, I have a tough time hitting anything with short barrels. I like a minimum of 28" barrels with break action guns and 26" minimum with anything else.

I picked up a 1956 vintage Ithaca M37 Featherlight in 16 gauge mod last year. It patterned fantastic and I was doing pretty well with it trap shooting so I wanted to use it for upland hunting but it had a problem with shells not ejecting and getting stuck in the chamber. I took it to a local gunsmith and he couldn't figure it out so I sent it to Ithaca last fall. They told me it needed a new barrel. I gave them the go ahead to rebarrel it but I still haven't gotten it back yet. I'm not sure if they shut down due to the virus or not but they definitely have a slow turnaround time.

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