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Default Re: CZ97 BD coming on Saturday

sweet. my favorite gun.

3X50-70,.222, 8x57, 445sm, 2x 22hsuperlt, TDC, 2x TJC, 7x57, 460,3030mann,.356,300aac, 375win,243 fluted,30-06 ported, 454 casull,270 fluted.458wm,7mm-08 shorty,223 shorty,35 whel,16g folder, 357talo, 45colt carbine,35 rem,22250 fluted, 4570shorty, 22hornetshorty,223SL,357max,17m2,2x7.62x39, 12g fluted slug, 450 marlin,22mag,22lr,10g camo, 38-55, 17hmr custom, 410g, 2x 7x64,44 mag talo,410-12m, m8-12g, m158 20g, 22jet ,wh 45-70 bc,.280,58-50-45 MLS, 12g folder,4x 30-30,3x17hmr,m48-16g,410,.308,2x45-120,3x204 fluted, 20gslug, 25-06,12g ported slug, 20g ribbed, .270ported, 22h mann, 500shorty .357.444,20g,45-70,223,12g, 7.62x39 shorty, 4x20g greenwing, 500sw talo, 4x 45-70 bc, 22khornet
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