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Default Re: Scope on shotgun for squirrels. Crazy idea?

I’m in the same boat, my eyes are sharp at distance but when I try to aim rather than point a shotgun I get that same “target drift” effect too. I have scoped a lot of the shotguns that I specifically aim with fine results.

One thing I did notice is that I feel the recoil much more after I did scope them. Believe it is a head position issue. I had one mild kicking 20 gauge that turned into a little beast when I first scoped her. I was getting nasty face slap because her straight stock was fine for shooting the bead but my cheek was off it a little to get proper eye position on the scope. I restocked her with a raised comb stock and she returned to being a kitten even with the biggest high brass turkey loads.
A red dot scope is more forgiving with parallax errors; you might look at one of those rather than a scope too. No magnification, but it puts the target and the reticule all in one focal plane.

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